Pickle Chips and Peppermints

Greyson has always been a difficult eater. I would say “picky”, but I know he likes (or has liked) a variety of foods in the past. Some of these foods include salt and vinegar chips, chicken nuggets and chocolate. Most recently, his food of choice has been Pickle chips (potato chips with pickle flavoring) and white chocolate peppermint candies. The peppermints started after we took the kids to Hershey for the sweet lights and a trip to Chocolate World. Surprisingly, Greyson was able to go on the ride AND sat through the lights very well.

The Hershey “Sweet Lights” is a drive-thru style light show, which syncs up with your car radio. The light display and entire show is several miles long, only a 5 minute drive from Hershey Park. We have done this particular light show several times, which Greyson has always enjoyed. After the lights, I was a bit weary about taking Greyson into chocolate world, afraid that he would be loud and possibly have a meltdown in the large crowds, etc. We had four adults with us, so we decided to bite the bullet and take our chances with the ride. Greyson sat in the front of the 5- person car with Derek and my brother-in-law, and my sister, Roslynn and I sat in the back. I’m not sure if it was the fact that Greyson was sandwiched in between two men, or if he was just confused as to what was going on, but he did a GREAT job! At the end of the ride, we had our photo taken and the kids received a small chocolate bar for going on the “tour” of the factory. Upon leaving the ride, Greyson was very upset that we had to get off of the ride and began to fuss and throw himself down onto the floor. After a few minutes, we decided that it would be best for Greyson and Derek to go out to the car and Roslynn and I stood in line to pay for the chocolate that the kids picked out. Roslynn picked her typical- ice breakers chewy mints and Greyson chose white chocolate peppermint bark bells (the Christmas version of a chocolate bell-shaped candy). He was so excited about these and hasn’t stopped loving on them since!

A small victory of another public outing gone well for us, though it took 4 adults to manage Greyson LOL! We will continue to take him out in public so he can continue to be exposed to other people and settings. Though we don’t have anything “major” planned for 2023, we are looking forward to being able to do more things as a family. Though 2022 began with a huge loss and difficult health issues with family and myself, the year is ending on a positive, optimistic note. My younger sister is expecting her first baby (boy) in 2023 and my dad is able to walk relatively well on his own currently. I have had some important break-throughs with my immune system issues and the kids are loving school and are healthy and happy. Hard to believe 2022 is almost over, but we are hopeful for a happy and healthy 2023 for all our friends and family! Ending my posts for 2022 with some of my favorite photos of the year.


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