This Is The Sick That Never Ends

Two things that make a parent's ears bleed in the car: "Are we there yet?" and "This is the song that never ends".....Well, I'm pretty sure that the only thing to make MY ears bleed, is "Mrs. Martin, this is (insert name here) from school. Greyson is sick and needs to be picked up, he's... Continue Reading →

Pickle Chips and Peppermints

Greyson has always been a difficult eater. I would say "picky", but I know he likes (or has liked) a variety of foods in the past. Some of these foods include salt and vinegar chips, chicken nuggets and chocolate. Most recently, his food of choice has been Pickle chips (potato chips with pickle flavoring) and... Continue Reading →

The Devil’s Holiday

Halloween- also known as "All Hollow's Eve", "All Saint's Eve" or "The Devil's Holiday", has many different traditions and meanings among people of faith, different religions and spiritualists. Though the traditions among different faiths and cultures may be drastically different, they all revolve around one main concept- honoring those who died before us. I've always... Continue Reading →

Screw You “22

Looking back at previous posts, I believe I stated that 2020 was the worst year ever. Many things come to mind when I think of 2020: losing my job, covid lockdowns, mom being diagnosed, just to name a few. I lied. The worst year ever is absolutely 2022. Starting the New Year off by burying... Continue Reading →

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