Rocky Balboa

My parents always fancied the Rocky movies while I was growing up, anytime they were on TV, they had to watch them. One can only hear “Adrian!” so many times….

Though the Martin family seems to favor Baltimore more than Philadelphia, Greyson reminds me a lot of Rocky Balboa. He often squinches up his face, just like Rocky does whenever his face is all swollen after a match. He’s also small and stocky like Silvester Stallone, and has a head of steel.

Greyson running around at 2:30 am- a typical weeknight activity

In the end of June (right around the time I began this blog), I was home alone with G. He loves to roughhouse on the living room floor, so we were playing around while watching NBC Nightly News. I noticed Greyson’s diaper was getting a little full, so I told him, “come on little man- time for a clean diaper.” Well, he must have heard me clearly because he came charging at me and head-butted me with his giant, steel head.

I felt the impact of the hit almost immediately. He hit me on the right side of my jaw, hitting my ear and cheek. I didn’t think too much of anything else at the time, except for the pain and the fact that G didn’t flinch at all. I stood up and noticed blood coming from my right ear, so I figured he just got me on the ear somewhere. Derek ended up coming home early from his planned activities and took over on kid duty so I could lay down and relax.

The next morning, I woke up with severe jaw pain and a migraine. I figured it was from the headbutt and took some Ibuprofen and went to work. Throughout the morning, I started seeing spots in my vision and my neck began to bother me too. I made an appointment with the doctor and went into the office around 2:00pm for a check into my headache.

Now, I had never had a concussion before, but I was almost certain that I had one. The doctor confirmed my suspicion and told me to go home and take it easy, along with directions in case I took a turn for the worse. I made a full recovery after a week or so and Greyson had no evidence of a bruise or any issues.

Flashforward to last Monday, July 23rd.

I went to the dentist for a routine cleaning and I was supposed to have a tooth repaired on the left-side of my mouth (filling was falling out). After the cleaning and some photos were taken of my teeth, the dental hygienist pulled the main Dentist in to check out my mouth. Dr. Po has been my family’s dentist for about 12 years now and I wouldn’t go to anyone else- she is AMAZING! Dr. Po asked if I had any issues recently with my teeth, or if I had been grinding my teeth recently. I informed her that I was stressed, so I could have been grinding them in my sleep again. Long story short: it turns out that I have two broken teeth on the right side and a cracked tooth on the left. I have to go back in August for a total repair of the two teeth on the right side and a bonding procedure for the left tooth. Yay.

Greyson has earned the nickname Rocky for now, because of his giant head of steel. It still shocks me that he felt nothing and I came out of the match with 3 broken teeth and a concussion.

By far the toughest fight I’ve ever had….

My terrible attempt at Photoshop

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