Birthdays, Babies and Breaks

Roslynn turns 8 years old on Memorial Day. Insane to think that this time 8 years ago, I was working full-time and believing that I had 6 weeks until my due date. Little did I know, I’d be giving birth a few days later. Many friends and family know the traumatic birth and aftermath of... Continue Reading →

This Is The Sick That Never Ends

Two things that make a parent's ears bleed in the car: "Are we there yet?" and "This is the song that never ends".....Well, I'm pretty sure that the only thing to make MY ears bleed, is "Mrs. Martin, this is (insert name here) from school. Greyson is sick and needs to be picked up, he's... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected Beach Bum

If you have been following me on any sort of social media, you'd know that my family took our large vacation we typically do every other year, to Hilton Head Island, SC. We were able to celebrate Greyson turning 6 years old, even though he fell asleep before we could sing "Happy Birthday" to him.... Continue Reading →

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