Holy Spirit, Activate!

https://youtu.be/oGrTRVSt1Tc In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t get the title of the post Tuesday, March 8th was Greyson’s VNS activation day. As I’ve said in previous posts, his VNS voltage level will be slowly increased over the next 12-16 weeks, until we are at a level that will work for him.... Continue Reading →

A Tribute To Momma

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word Mother has a relatively short meaning: a female parent. Three short words to describe such a monumental figure in one's life. When I was a child, if I so much as thought of the possibility that my parents were gone, I would burst into hysterical tears and weep.... Continue Reading →

(Greyson) With A Pearl Earring

We are finally all settled into our new house- almost every room in the house has been redone. We decided to take a break after the basement (now a home theatre/playroom) was complete, which was probably a good idea since Greyson's epilepsy has been off the charts. After his appointment with the Neurologist in October,... Continue Reading →

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