Birthdays, Babies and Breaks

Roslynn turns 8 years old on Memorial Day. Insane to think that this time 8 years ago, I was working full-time and believing that I had 6 weeks until my due date. Little did I know, I’d be giving birth a few days later. Many friends and family know the traumatic birth and aftermath of... Continue Reading →


Well, we made it to 6! As of 5:03 PM, Greyson is officially 6 years old. He has grown so much this year- both physically and with skills he has developed. This time last year, we were still having frequent daily tantrums and severe self-injury. This year, he has learned how to use a communication... Continue Reading →

Lucky #7

The past four months have been a complete blur. Truthfully, 2022 in general has been a giant blur. I'll probably paraphrase much of my life in this post, due to the fact that I can barely remember much that has happened. I will acknowlege that I basically lose my memory when I am stressed, or... Continue Reading →

Evaluation Day

Evaluation day in Baltimore for a diagnosis of Sturge-Weber Syndrome.....or was it? Follow us on our mini-trip down I-83 to Baltimore, MD where we receive some interesting news about Greyson's condition.

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